Dear Buyers ,

We are aware that, you always search of a satisfied deal. RabeenGroup as your preferred supplier interests your success! Even if you have a final confirmed offer from your current supplier, come back to us and see whether we can beat it. If you are ready to buy, please make sure you have ICPO and BCL ready so as to not waste parties’ time. We value your business and always look forward to associating a productive mutual cooperation.

Contract Procedure for Buyers

  1. Buyer issues ICPO;
  2. RabeenGroup, issues FCO according to the received ICPO;
  3. Buyer signs, stamps and returns the FCO with a letter of acceptance;
  4. RabeenGroup issues draft contract, open for amendment;
  5. Buyer signs, stamps and returns Contract;
  6. RabeenGroup issues the Performa Invoice;
  7. Buyer and RabeenGroup communicate the final working letter of credit;
  8. Buyer transmits LC in the issuer bank, that confirmed by RabeenGroup;
  9. In 5 working days, Buyer’s Bank issues the  irrevocable, confirmed and sight LC;
  10. RabeenGroup’s Bank verifies, confirm, and advise item 9;
  11. The contract starts.


Upon receiving ICPO and BCL, we can send a sample of the product directly to the end Buyer upon request. The Seller will bear the cost of the sample and the Buyer may have to bear the cost of delivery.