The international trade is an activity that requires knowledge of the markets and the way in which they act at each time. Relations with producers and miners are essential in order to be able to play a key role in the different geographical areas. Each phase deserves attention and supervision: production, storage, inland transportation, handling during loading, maritime transportation, unloading at the destination port, storage once again and transport to the client’s facilities. All of this requires a high degree of specifications, familiarity and knowledge.

Fulfilling the delivery times and handling the maritime and port operations are critical elements in this regard and, as such, they must be carried out by people with the highest level of knowledge and professionalism. Each detail counts in order to obtain the necessary guarantees and so ensure that the supply chain flows smoothly.

Above all, maritime transport is of particular importance in our wide range of services, from the receipt of cementitious from the factory or mine through to the delivery of the end product to the client’s facilities. study, consultancy and execution of proposals in each one of the areas, design, supply of equipment and facilities for the manufacture of cement, import/export terminals, solutions for the handling of bulk products, specialized transport, port and storage operations, etc.

Our proven experience and references accumulated over the years are our greatest guarantee, ensuring your peace of mind. Our consultancy services can review the current conditions of your purchases and either offer you an improvement in them or simply confirm that you are obtaining the best conditions in the market.