RabeenGroup Company

Rabeen Group LLC, is a company that provides end to end solutions from pit to plant by sourcing, trading and shipping of cementitious materials.

Our management team has rich professional expertise in mining, international trading, logistics, shipping & asset management. We have amassed a great experience in handling bulk cargo for our customers.

Maintaining the expertise in Trade Finance and Export/Import regulations target market/s, Trade Operations delivers exceptional service to all counter parties by ensuring smooth operations through their constructive and solution oriented approach by taking timely actions and having a good and efficient collaboration with all parties involved.

Rabeen Group always calculates and utilizes the most efficient way of logistics. Our extensive experience, our added value of the logistic aspect is acknowledged by the challenges of managing details logistic activities, from managing storage, accuracy scheduling, faster and safer handling, to the optimum turnaround trip and managing loading ports and stations.
Through our professional administration of freight and logistics services, we continue to deliver the products punctually based on the specific quality required. Extensive shipping and business transportation acknowledgement for delivering the cargoes to the respective location based on the customers’ requirement.

Together with our well-structured company, Rabeen Group delivers optimum and tailor-made solutions regarding quantity and quality concerns.


To be the most competitive and efficient provider of bulk goods for the needs of cement industry.


  • To create long-term value and provide market-focused solutions to all our partners, and customers through the development and conversion of sources into quality products and services.
  • We deliver superior financial results to the investment community.


  • A performance-oriented approach – achieving high quality business results and strengthening our capabilities with Continuous improvement of our services, and people.
  • Talent Management – We attract, recruit, and retain the most knowledgeable and passionate professionals, and we provide a collaborative culture that enables them to thrive professionally and personally.
  • Commitment – to win-win relationships that are mutually beneficial to all parties.
  • Honesty – doing what we say without compromise.
  • The Challenge – to deliver results even in situations of adversity.